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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Actual flight into clouds

  Wow!  Only maybe say 10 minutes into small clouds - but what a feeling!  It felt like I could touch them - so cartoonish!:)
  I get to log that in my logbook as actual Instrument Meteorological Conditions.
  Practicing all sorts of approaches; over and over and over again.  Polishing the precision and non precision approaches.  The idea is to go from the in route phase of flight to the Terminal area (airport) safely avoiding either terrain, obstacles (towers, etc.) and other flying objects (including UFOs) following the navigation instruments in the cockpit.  A part of it can be done by the ATC (Air Traffic Control) vectoring you to a certain point in space...
  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.  
  Even though I wear foggles (a bit like the old days when horses wore a blind to hide their peripheral vision) in this case to focus inside and not outside the plane, I do get a peep here and there of the Chesapeake bay area and the snow covered earth!  
  After a number of hours defined by the FAA and the instructor deems me ready for the check ride (done with an FAA examiner), which is fairly soon, I will be rated to fly in clouds and poorer weather (Wx)!  Yay.  It opens up the skies to more opportunities and safer flying!
  Next will be the Commercial License.  Briefly, bluntly and shallowly I can make money with flying..
  To be continued..:)

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