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Monday, January 6, 2014


  A lot of hype is going around that the weather is going to be very cold!  Yes, it will be very cold.  After returning from Canada where temperatures are at -31C and your face burns if too exposed and your car sounds like a snoring dragon to start - the weather should be tolerable.
  So many flights have been cancelled well in advance!
  Yes, we have to be careful on the roads for it can have ice on them.  Its astonishing to witness accept cold and rough weather say further up north like Canada.  Planes continue to fly.  One of the most important and scary parts of aviation weather related is to freezing rain.  It sticks like nobodies business..
  Anyway, a great 10 days were spent in Quebec with Asmara!  Visited a new part of Canada and I think it is the highest up north I have been in a long time.  I tasted poutine and tourtier, which is meat cooked in dough for hours.  Tourtier is a kinda of bird that is extinct today but it is still called that way.
  Skating on a frozen lake for the first time ever!  Have you ever walked on a frozen lake?  Freaky!

  Tried ice skating for 10 minutes!  I think I will try again in 10 years! :)
  It was nice of Melisande and Jean-Phillip to take us into a church commemorating the mother of Jesus!  Actually the priest inside with his strong Quebecois accent said some cool stuff!

  You can see Asmara dotted in the picture!  
  Solange was a great host.  She got an amazing place by a river or stream which we can drink the water out of. The silence there is eery.  Looking out from the balcony:

 Another Canadian adventure come to a close and a fast paced Math 083 class already started.  You slow you blow so once really has to stay on your toes!
  Sending you all some nice snow and freezing winds :)


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