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Saturday, November 2, 2013


  Well, actually you still get to fly a plane.   Whenever we want to fly we want to make sure the weather is acceptable for the flight.  Who would want to be flying and encounter CBs (Cumulus Nimbus)?!  Or go to an airport where fog has taken over the area?
  As a Private Pilot, you can fly in conditions where the visibility is of a certain distance and the clouds are high enough; otherwise called VFR - Visual Flight Regulations (will get back to that).  These are the two main criteria to put it bluntly.  There are situations where if you stay so and so far from a cloud and so and so below the cloud and so and so above the cloud then you are good to go.
  But why not get your Instrument Rating (license), an add-on to your PPL (Private Pilot License) where you can fly into clouds?!
  When you fly in VFR conditions you are able to look outside and relate to the horizon.  You need to refer to something to maintain level flight which is outside in this case.  If you are flying straight to the ground you know it!  When you are turning to the right and climbing you know it!  When you are not "moving" you know it!
  But what happens when you do not see outside but only clouds?  You do not have a horizon to refer to nor do you have beautiful land to base yourself from.  Hmmm...that is when your radio navigation comes into play.  There are 6 instruments on the panel which you can rely on.  And do rely on them!  This is where the Instrument Rating course is important.
  It is amazing when you are flying and you close your eyes.  You will be deceived very quickly at what you think the plane is flying!
  Every instrument has its role.  There are given situations where one or several of the instrument stop functioning, then what do you do?  There are the other instruments which you can rely on to keep you safe and to bring you to an airport to land as soon as possible.  I am totally excluding radar where actually they can direct you right or left, etc.
  Our "garden apartment" is being built by a Russian.  He is very proper.  He is very clean.  They are moving at a good pace hopefully it will be done by mid-December 2013!
  It got really cold but we are back at warm conditions.
  I drive to college twice a week (Villipuram and back :)  Catherine is having a great time at WWF "saving" the world!
  Her parents are taking great care of us!  The dogs are guarding the house and play around plenty.  Oh, I dog walk our neighbors pug :)

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