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Monday, October 7, 2013

Flying in the clouds

  Wow, it has been a while since I wrote anything in this blog.  Actually, Dhruv reminded me yesterday whilst emailing :)
  Oh well, I may not share much here but might as well revive it hoping I update it every once in a while!
  I should be doing my homework right now in a fast paced aviation world!  Working on acquiring my IR (Instrument Rating) which will permit me to fly in the clouds, in poorer conditions so to speak, less visibility and lower cloud ceilings.  A whole new world out there!  Another ball game unlike flying in normal conditions where you can see the horizon and maintain a visual reference to fly level; here all you see is white clouds (i.e.if you in the clouds) there is no reference but your instruments in the cockpit which you have to trust!  
Sign on road, cyclist friendly (10  minute ride by car)

  At times you think you are turning when actually you are in stable flight.  You are turning but you feel like you are in stable flight because the liquid in your ear has stabilized and so you turn more to get what you want and all you know you are spinning your way down.  The inner ear can play tricks with you!  SO, rely on your instruments i.e. if they work! ;)

  Uncontrolled airport under SFRA (DC Area)

Gonna go back to studying..

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