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Saturday, October 27, 2012

If in doubt, ask!

  So a few lessons into fly the first pre-solo/1st stage of the 3, I am learning to communicate over radio.
  Aaah, dread it.  So far all i have heard is like chinese and what they say is just mumbling.
  My instructor, Nick, who is Canadian has given me a live website where you can hear any airport you wish to listen to for practice purpose.
  Anyway,  as i learn many different ways to communicate and what to say when and where..all seems so hard!  How am i going to do this?  I worry.  He is very reassuring and clear with instructions. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself maybe..
  I came across this online course.  Absolutely great!
  One thing that stands out is if in doubt ask.  There is no harm to not know or misunderstand but you can always verify before taking action.  For your safety and for others too! :)

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