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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

swipe the card

  After a few visits to the bank and finally chosing another bank; i was ready to swipe my card.
  Wherever and whenever it is time to pay, you swipe your card of course of course if you have money in it :)
  Went to Whole foods to get some items to cook butter chicken masala.  It was time to swipe the card.  I was tired.  Catherine has always been by my side holding my hand :) "Look.  Like this," she would say.
  This time she was not around and it was a different not so obvious card swipe.  Anyway, swiped it right.  They have this here; if you wish to have some cash (change) you can enter an amount and the cashier will do the necessary.
  So i entered an amount which i wanted to refund for the Sim card which is very much useful here..i have managed to use very rarely a cell phone.  "cling" the machine goes and she hands over 50 cents! :) it was embarrassing. 
  "Am sure you did not want that amount :) next time," the cashier smiled.
  Tired i walked away.  Smiling to myself embarrassed. 

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