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Thursday, October 28, 2010

read this morning..

  I read this on the Auroville net about death and passing on.
  I believe this is a quote from The Mother.
  Could this be the explanation for 2012? that it is not the end of the world, it is the end of the world as we know it? That our unconsciousness will be striped and our consciousness left to rise and shine?
  "No, as long as the world isn't changed, death doesn't matter in the least, and when the world is changed, there will be no more death, that's all. Or else it will be death for plants, death for animals, death for man (man as man), and for them, it will be a quite natural state, there won't be anything to feel sorry about.
  Death as it is understood, on the inner level, means the loss of consciousness.... That would be the most ... the most dreadful and horrible thing, if it were possible. But it's not possible. If you have consciousness, it cannot be lost. Some things don't have consciousness yet, so little by little, little by little, they learn to have it; but the consciousness you have cannot be lost, that's not possible. All the deaths in the world cannot take it away from you, and that's why I smile – try, mon petit! 
It's impossible.
  Consciousness is something eternal. Consciousness is divine, consciousness is eternal, and NOTHING can destroy it. 
  Appearances are another matter.
  And it's only unconsciousness that's destroyed (meaning that there is an appearance of destruction), but not consciousness." - Mother’s Agenda, 10.12.65

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