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Monday, October 11, 2010

Air Breeze domestic wind generator pilot project in Auroville

I spotted a wind generator in Switzerland 5 years ago! A small, quiet and alternative generator of energy!
The person using it had it for his cabin in the forest. He said how satisfied he was, especially because it needed little wind to power it!
I was so excited! It has been in me ever since, dreaming of having one..
Last year in Canada, i spotted it again (this time in a shop) i was flabbergasted as i did not know what model it was or where to get one, but here it was staring at me! :) I did not get it because i chose a chainsaw to it; it was my priority.It will be a pilot project as i have not heard of any in the area..there is wind in Lumiè it enough, i am of the biggest factors is the wind speed and how much.
It will be interesting and fun to set it up and observe. I am certain it will be of great use and value to Auroville!
  Help us if you can to make this happen!

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