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Friday, September 24, 2010

Golf, the game

  Many people in New England are passionate about sports in general, especially when it comes down to baseball and the Red Sox.  Somehow, golf has managed to creep somehow into my life.
  I did witness for the first time in my life a professional game in a huge stadium with a lot of people - only 34,470!
  It is the Fenway Park!  I got so distracted just now, writing the blog; as i learnt that Red Sox and the Yankees were playing each other in this stadium.  But, it was not this week end but the next.  They are arch rivals - i tell you it is almost worse then when the Pakis play India!  That would be an interesting experience..
  Catherine's boss sponsored their company to go to a game!  There was an extra ticket! yay! thank you Helene! :)
  We sat half way up the stands on the far end to the right..good enough to get a good grasp of the situation!
  Anyway, i was getting to the golf part.  There is a driving range in Mendon.  Richard, Catherine's dad, who is passionate about golf took me to hit some balls and explain me how to hit a small white ball.  He is officially my coach :)
  It was fun!  i managed to hit the ball almost all times BUT, but the distance, the curve, the angle of the dangle..hmmm!
  So i figured as he said that it was all about practice and consistency of the shot, i would go another time to practice! It is fun too just for the sport!  Catherine, my assistant, gave me tips..
  Well, looking the pictures and the video she took.  (clearing throat)  I can do with a lot of practice! :)

  Swing that club.  Look at the ball and dont leave it out of your sight until it is hit!  but how do i get rid of that curve?!
  "Just practice contacting the ball" coach speaks.
  I would love to experience a game of golf on a real court.  So be it.  Tomorrow, Richard, Alex and maybe Erica will go to a golf course with 9 holes (the real real stuff is 18 holes).  Aah, i need to practice.
  House sitting again in Sudbury.  There is a driving range nearby which i just went to..A small basket of balls on an artificial turf was good and enough for that specific club - i think it is called a driver..??
  Well, so much for a game which i think is for the rich and spoilt!  I have tried it, i like it and if i can afford it why not continue to play it! :)  Only in a country that can afford watering the grass for free otherwise it is environmentally catastrophic..

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