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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Costa Rica - Rich coast

  What an adventure i want to say!  But, realise that an adventure would have to have risk, danger, high adrenaline and lots of other criteria - when actually it was a smooth, fun, exciting and adrenaline packed time!
  We rented a car.  We had a GPS all prepared online before we arrived.  Also a hotel room for the first night.  A new country..with little information on what the country was like - tropical, beaches, simple food, mountain, volcano, etc.
  We had fun tuning into the GPS and the roads which ressembled India in so many ways.  The voice on the GPs would indicate turns way ahead in time or way later..but it helped in so many ways once we adjusted our GPS-timings.. :)
  The car was a suzuki.  It was small.  The place where we stayed the first night was simple and good for our first night.  The lady in the morning, when she saw our car she asked where we were going.. :) we said we wanted to visit the cloud forests.  She gave us that typical german look and clearly and sharply said in a friendly manner, "not with the car you have" :)
  So we decided to change course and cruise the not so bumpy road eventually onto a highway (2 lanes) towards Manuel Antonio (Pacific coast).  
  The car we rented was from Alamo (like it says in the airport, "this is Alamo country") - we had no problem changing the car to a 4WD so we could visit the cloud forests in Monte Verde!  Beautiful, charming, green and cool!
  Before, i want to mention the mangrove tour we did in Manuel was interesting to see where the fresh water met the salt water; a clear seperation.  There were a lot of monkeys at the beginning and then crabs all over the roots with an occasional bird here and there :)  The guide spoke good english.  He made a grasshopper out of a coconut leaf which his grandfather taught him.  I will surely show it to Asmara.
  In our new vehicle with 4WD, we drove off to Monte Verde.  I realised only when we started the climb up the mountain that i was in 4WD drive all the time driving on the main road.  It consumed more fuel then we imagined and it was kinda-like-on-a-boat, rocking along the road at high speeds.  The climb was rough and bumpy.  The landscape was beautiful as we climbed.  We could see the Pacific ocean from above.  Occasionally a cloud would change the setting.  It reminded me of Kodaikanal, India.  Same same but different :)
  We were the perfect tourist.  Everytime we saw something new or astounding, the camera would be the first to seize the moment - so that we could share our trip with others and keep it immortal! ;)
  Good weather.  Nice to be in a familiar climate.  If it did rain it did at the right moment either we were indoors or in the car :)  It pours/ drizzles but for a little and then it is sunshine again!
  (to be continued..)

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