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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House sitting in Hyde Park, MA

Another house on the list to house sit.  This time it is Catherine's family.
  The other 2 weeks of housesitting went very well.  Rudi, the dog, our host was fantastic.  I miss him :)
  We are staying in an old house.  Many windows open, i had to close several as it has been raining cats and dogs since 2 days.  i.e. no work too :(  like it though, i can do with some rest.  Gotta be careful to not sink in this life of doing anything.  Anyway, the sun and i are friends.  When he is out i am! :)
  Brady, the dog, is our host this time.  oh. And Ruby, the cat.
  "i think there are ghosts in this house," Catherine says before going to sleep :)
  lovely, to be in a good bed.  The other one in Sudbury was a blow up mattress; felt like we were camping.  Gave me such body aches which resulted in 2 weeks of headache.  Never seen before; max. it would last 1 day!
  Nick, Catherine's cousin, is a good nintendo player.  I tried playing it...phew. you gotta be fast and agile..he does it as if.. :)  Could spend days playing video games!  they are addicting and distracting!  but lot's of fun! :)
  "Distraction is a powerful force that reminds you that you are elsewhere" 
   A piano stands in one corner..

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