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Thursday, August 12, 2010, what? why?!

  On my journey back from Canada as we crossed the border into Vermont where i get reception again on my cellphone, i learn that Catherine will be meeting me in the hospital.
  "Hi.  Where are you?" Catherine asks in a low, tired and sopy voice.
  "On my way, just about to cross the border"  I informed.  My cellphone had poor reception.  I ended up using another's phone in the car.
  "I am in the ER..i dont want to be here.." (sniff sniff) she responded.
  "What?! where?" i curiously and questionably asked.  Last time i spoke to her, she was fine, i mean she had a boil on her elbow which got bigger by the day.  Normal until it gets too big and pops.
  "..the emergency room..i am on IV.. and my dad is coming to pick you up." she stated.
  "Well, is it serious, i mean you have a boil.  Why would you go to the hospital for a boil?!"  i was dumbstruck.
  It turns out, that Catherine had to go the emergency room for high fever and a swollen, red and unhealthy elbow; a boil!  Ouch.
  A fun trip back in Nader's car (rideshare) with good company and interesting conversations..which i will elaborate another time as Catherine is in the ER! :)
  Well, well, i am going to spend the night in the hospital.  Black and white TV, no windows, excellent service and plenty of tubes; nice hotel ;)
  It is good she went, it was just on the joint.  There were chances that i could have gone in the joint.  Doctors were needed and better be on the safe side.
  A bacteria.  I always thought that boils were eliminating gerk from your system.  I learnt a lot about bacteria and the process of the American medical system, phew.  Thank God insurance exists.
  After plenty of resident doctors or are they called assistants? well anyway on their way to becoming doctors!  One for the bone, another for the skin and another for the..yeah..and on and on they came until finally an asian pops up, looks at the scans at her and the wound, puts on a mask and pulls out a knife and pops! yay, i was so relieved to see that - i fainted!
  I had not eaten anything.  I felt a little guidy, so i sat down on a chair and leaned my head against the wall, eating my apple and in the other hand her blackberry; to distract myself from the scene of elbow cleaning.  Telling myself it will pass..
  "I think i am going to faint..i am feeling guidy..i will just lean against the wall.." i tell Catherine whilst she is being operated.
  The next moment, i am in another chair, slipping off it with my apple, very important.  The nurse is taking me to another room with a bed with the apple in my hand.
  "would you like an IV too?" the nurse inquired me.
  " am fine.  I needed to lie down." i affirmed eating my apple.
  "maybe i should take the apple.." she wished.
  "it is okay..i need to eat.  You see i am already feeling better!" eating my apple i confirmed :)
  Catherine is out, she is healing and another 2 days we are off to an amusement park!  Her wound is almost closed.  And it turns out that she had a serious bacteria..she is on the right medication and back to work since a week!

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