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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amusing amusement park

  What an idea!  A place where technology takes you on a ride never seen for real apart from imagination, animations or movies.
  This place big and large has many games, rides, entertainments and fun stuff!
  This is my first time i am going to one of these.  I mean it is big, it is where everyone goes in New England, MA.  Of course, Catherine had to take me there, i mean there to the "Bizzario" ride (max. on the scale of entertainment).  It is a roller coaster with swirls, twirls and G-forces at 77 mi./hr (124 km/hr)!  
waiting for another ride.. :)
  We were advised to get a fast pass or whatever it is called.  Great thing highly recommended a little more of money but worth it!  You cut lines and cut on waiting time.  It is a device that you can register in advance your ride.  You may have to wait before it registers up to 30 mins but in the meantime you are doing other stuff!  Like having your caricature for couple portrait done :)
  So here we bump the line.  Poor guys some people wait up to an hour and more! We are waiting at the start place for the carriage to arrive!  We are going to be the first on  the train or whatever it is called.  Oh my god.  Nothing in front of us but the different slopes and curls!  
  Up and up it takes us.  And aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it releases us into, what 30 seconds of high adrenaline, scary moments, yeah you try even screaming, it is breath taking!  moments of fear so strong you just can't think anymore! :)  Who says you think therefore you are, we are still!  Tears rolling in our eyes, a moment where we go under a bridge through water sprayed at us..all i could say on the ride, "Oh my God, shit, shit, f..k" trying to catch my breath! 
  We bent the bar that was holding us as we held it so tight!
  The ride of my life!  I am a paragliding pilot and i have tasted G forces.  This is quite something!  It is SAFE! :)
oh yeah, faast!
  Got off the ride, smiling and mindless! :)  Stepping back on earth was shaky.  Within moments you catch your bearings but the adrenaline is still there! 
  Worth it!  Everyone who is having a bad day should take one ride and all will be set straight! :) just one of these rides in the Auroville campus will suffice..
  And the whole day went by..Catherine always chosing these "max rated" rides.  I was like already?!  so we went to the next.  Guess what it was called?
  The mind eraser.  Now, what we just came from to start our day was SOMETHING! so registering ourselves on the flash pass, we got there..oh yeah right.  Not to forget.
  Getting on the previous ride, just before we began, the motors suddenly stopped.  Technical trouble.  So we waited.  What would happen if there were a technical thing in motion.  Nah!  Security is max!
  So to get back to the mind eraser..Screech, comes to halt for us to board.  This time you are suspended and held fast to your seat :)  A kid who did not want to the ride, we overheard him telling his mom.  Vomits in front of him but since he is held to his seat of course vomit has to go on the seat! Poor thing..Everything stops.  Cleaned.  Sent one round for dry cleaning ;)  It returns for another cleaning and sanitising; and off it goes for another spin!
  Time for us to be seated.  And off it goes, turning, speeding and ripping through the air!  Blast.  Beautiful.  Wonderful.  This time were taken upside down and sideways with legs suspended!  Best ride of my life!  We ended up doing it twice!
  And on and on it went, ride to ride!  Shaking our realities, our beliefs, our man made thoughts and so forth!
  Terrific. Tremendous.  Great day!

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