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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A siding gig

  Today, i returned home quickly by 14h i was showered and seated in the couch just about to watch the soccer match (Spain-Germany).  The gig that i started yesterday with Dan, a handyman, an actual extension master (making additional kitchens/rooms/decks to houses) was siding: A building material which covers and protects the sides of a house or other building.
  Do i take the convertible or the Subaru (both cars)?  The convertible would be funny to see what reaction i would get; but on the first day better to take the other car.  Thanks to Bernice, Catherine's mom, she took the convertible to have her done :)
  Off i go to work, all correct, calling Dan to inform him of my delay as there is a lot of traffic.  Fine postponed our meeting by 10 mins.  Then a train stops all the traffic for long, very long.  i am getting nervous, my first day with a new guy - i gotta impress.  So i call, he is patient but has client waiting so he pushes off and will call me when he knows the address.  I park myself on the side.  Look at my phone and realise i have no reception.  Damn, i am expecting an important call.
  I drive off, looking for reception.  15 mins go by.  Ah there is some reception but no place to park.  i continue.  Reception disappears.  Returns, so i stop but it is gone.  Dilemna for quite some time.  Finally, i get reception in God knows where :) 
  I call him, he is cool and tells me that it is Monday, it is normal :) an hour late i was.
  A hot day was predicted!  Hot and dry it was.  
  An organised man of above 60 yrs.  Hardworking, precise, all the tools you need and experience!  Inspiring to work with him.  He is christian so we had interesting talks on his religion.
  When asked what my religion i did tell him i had none but he insisted.  So he asked if i beleive in God.  Of course i do.  
  Today, he asked me if i had read the Koran???? 
  So i was saying, it was super hot yesterday.  We had to stop at 3.30PM.  Amazing.  Nothing you wanna do in that heat.  He went straight to his neighbor's pool :)  All i wanted to do was get in the car and put the AC on full blast.  which i did and wondered why it was still hot;  duh, the back window was slightly open :)
  Even though we had a fan, it was not enough!   
  Today, we finished the siding.  Removing the old pieces that are at the bottom worned out and replacing them with better ones. Old models as today most people uses the Vinyl.
  A good 1.5 days of work. Oh yeah, i actually had no work.  So i told myself i will quietly wake up and work in the garden :)  Catherine wakes me up super fast before she leaves, blabbing that i have work.  I scratch my head, in bed, wondering what she talking about.
  I recieved an email telling that i could come and work!  Grateful i am to Catherine who is doing a lot of correspondance with gigs from craigslist!
  The most i appreciate about Dan was his bartering.  With 45% of the people he barters - sometimes partially financial!! Gift economy in the world of capitalism!

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