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Sunday, July 4, 2010


  I was searching on craigslist when i saw a gig in Mendon.
  Of course i wrote to them immediately as it is convenient, close and interesting apart from me needing work.  I got a response fast, he was looking for someone the next day.  Fine with me.
  He is re-doing the roof of an elderly lady.  Basic job: remove the old shingles, clean the roof of nails, clear the ground from waste material; especially nails, and give him a hand whenever needed.
  He did ask if i was scared of heights or had any issues working on a 2 storied building.  I scoffed; i have been to higher heights (paragliding) but it dawned on me only when i was actually on the roof :)
  The slope is acute.  Removing the shingles is one thing with a shovel on a slope but the sand/granules that  shake off and sprinkle down the roof makes it slidy.  That is scary not the heights.  There is a plank at the bottom of the roof to keep tools, shingles and as a safety measure.  Helps.
  You never know what sort of person you gonna be working with, so in the morning it is a pleasure to be curious and open; mainly ready to do whatever to impress! :)
  The first day went well.  Hard work, back paining, but with Aurovici's Feldenkreis' exercise it helps!  We prepared the roof for another professional roofer to do the job.  I was his "thambi".  Filling in the gaps; a brazilian, sorry that his team lost!  
  We were 3 to do the work.  A days work went well, finished.
  Am going to make an omelette it is lunch time.  Catherine is resting playing the Wii - Dragon emblem (fighting lots of dragons and magic) Good time pass :)

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