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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mumpty to the rescue

  Dig a trench 6"x24"x15'!
  I think Dick, the man offering this gig had many people come over and politely recline to do it!  When i went to see it of course in the convertible; he had to mention that i had a nice ride :)  He wondered why i had a Dartmouth t-shirt - what a false impression i made ;)  he pondered why i was doing such a work - "..cause i like to work with the earth!" :)  i wonder what went through his mind.

  Funnily enough, he is a chef working at a restaurant called Lumière; he wants to have herbs year round and if he could have a constant flow it would be a great business, he muttered that there was something with fish and water to grow plants; i said "Aquaponics!" ha ha :) had to speak of Akuponics, moniponics and viciponics and co.!
  So let's i have to do my own R&D? ;)
  Anyway, seeing the job to do, i told him i could do it.  I went a day when he wasn't there, not planned, Catherine came along; it was an afternoon (not a good idea to start a working day in the afternoon and after a hefty burger at the local restaurant).  Under the bush i had to crawl and dig this trench, trimming the branches helped for sure.  The earth was stony and 'rooty'; but with the help of a mumpty it was easy to dig.  The shovel that is commonly used would have been disastruous :)  Catherine cut the roots with the pruner
  I had to sweat and work hard like those diggers we see on the side of the road in India!  It is truly cherishing and reminding of what levels of work there is out there in the world!  We are comfortable in Auroville!
  I get a call in the evening, "great, that is what i wanted, let's see on monday when they come to lay the pipe.."
  I am waiting for him to ask me how i did it!  When i tell him; i can see his expression "a mumpty?!" :)

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