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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Montreal drop at airport with Krishna Das' music

  A week in Quebec, Canada, with Asmara has been wonderful.
  Today, Solange left for France.  I dropped her off at the airport, a good 1 hour and a half.
  It was relieving and comforting to socialise with her listening to Krishna Das' music.

  His music is special in a certain category..anyway, it was fun especially the way back.  With the music full blast, all by myself to myself in the world of the litte toyota car, i could sing along loudly.  His bhajjans are anyway accompanied by people repeating what he sings!
  It brought old souvenirs of Goa.  Aurovici had lent me his MP3 player and that music was on it.  Riding on the motorbike in the land of Goa with cashew fields, beach on one side, red earth and pleasant weather, listening to Krishna Das.
  The flight. i was going to say was delightful and quick somehow :)
  Hey ma Durga (song/bhajjan) :)

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