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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A 45 minute drive to another painting gig

  Once again a gig found on the web.  Looks like i am finding most of my work online, wow.  virtually, wow. (well to be precise and to do due respect and credit, it is Catherine doing all the writing - i do the talking and working :)
  Over at Lowell, he required weeding, cleaning and weeding of his little "garde" if we can call it.  He wants to sell the house so he is making his place look better. A few hours of work.
  It turns out sometimes when you asking for work in advance, which is necessary to keep the flow in the unpredictable work schedule, that they overlap.
  Luckily, this time i had a little gig to do that would be suitable to complete a full days work.  I get a call while i am weeding in the garden that he was okay that i came and worked for him but i could only at 3pm and was not sure to complete my present job so i call him back at 12pm to confirm i will be there at 2pm.  All good!
  Fast and gentle-furious i finish weeding, trimming and completing what he required.  I was notified by the Michels that Lowell was not the best of areas; not that exagerated of course but that it was kinda poor maintained.  I did feel at one point i was in India - bumpy and holy roads!  but with development the area has changed P (the guy i am working for) said.
  P. works at home.  He is his own boss.  Open and receptive to new ideas.  What i like about working so far with whoever is that there is some sort of common ground, same ideas and freshness.  I spoke of Auroville; it was well taken.  You can tell when someone has traveled around the world.
  He showed his kitchen and the painting work he was doing.  I told him that i could do it if he wanted.  He had someone start painting it but he was just too slow as if he had had a joint.  I told him that i could do a little faster without smoking.  We laughed.
  Yesterday, when i finished doing the kitchen and started the dining room, i wanted to be sure he is happy and okay with the speed at which i was working.  He said he was as long as i was not smoking a  joint (referring to me slowing down).  I told him jokingly i just had a "chillum".  He was like "what?" :) explained what i meant :)
  What a hitch going to work yesterday.  I depend so much on the GPS to get anywhere!  I was crossing Milford when the GPS decided to stop.  Aah, panic.  I pull over and realise that maybe the charger was not well plugged.  What do i do; it is still not working after fidgeting around.  I turn around and decide to call P. from home as i dont have a cell phone anymore - lost it!
  Of course, when i reached home i tried it again; it worked so i got back on the road and got late by a half hour.  No issues for him, he prefers i come later :)
  So cool as he is, he has more paint work for me, and even will wait for me to return after visiting Asmara in Canada.
   My story of my gig in the afternoon with an indian it turns out, coming soon..

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