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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Out on the fields

  After bumping into Mr. Harvey at his farm; he offered that i come on sundays for his worker to take a brake.  wow, a good start even if it is once a week.
  He is more of a florist i would say.   His nursery is full of flowers. beautiful.  He has 60 acres of farm land too; growing veggies of all sorts and a few rows of blackberry.
  Sunday came, watering his nursery was the first job.  It does take a good 2 hours to do.  watching out for every pot!  Work starts at 10am, i like that.  Every now and then, a person requires their bottle of gas to be re-filled, which i attend to and deliver it to their car.  Simple but one has to be meticulous with operating the filling as it is gas and has plenty of pressure which could easily hurt if release or let loose by mistake (of course)!
  If that is done, he had me moved to the fields.  To? weed! :)
  The soil is soft and loose here.  The machines do the most part.  another non automatic tool does the rest.  i dont know what it is called but it is has long handle and a rectangle blade at the end which you dig into the ground shallowly to cut the root out.  i like it :)
  Standing out there to myself with the veggies making movies in my head.  For one, back in the days, the slaves.  Day after day, in the hot sun, doing the same work over and over again.  With no benefit whatsoever.  Helped me inspire my time and be grateful that i was being paid for it..
  Rows there are a many.  Some farmers just hate weeds!  They are weed-ophobic.  This is the case.  Tuesday, i returned to primer a wooden fence, and he mentioned that i left out some parts; to my surprise of course.  Either it back fast or i just did leave something out.  yes, he wants me to literally go with a magnifying glass! well, corrected myself!
  Hope i make a good impression and more odd jobs will pop up or he can spread the word that the man is around :)

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