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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meeting the Michels

  After a long venture through the immigration, we finally exited the airport to Alex (Catherine's brother) and his girlfriend, Erika, waiting; waiting a long time..
  Of course meeting one of the Michels was curious enough but still to meet THE one, Catherine's mom :) so much spoken of..the most conversations we had were of how was i to greet her.  Mrs. Michel or simply hi, or nice to meet you..etc. i went berserk making up something and understanding why so much hype to greet someone and why the emphasise on it :)
  well, anyway, Alex and his iphone in his car, took us to Tania's place, their cousin, where Catherine's parents waited patiently. i say that because we were delayed loads at the airport :(  Thai food take-out was for dinner.  It was nice meeting Catherine's dad; a handshake simply.
  You see, i do not want to elaborate Catherine and her relation with her sweet mom (i can say that now, as i have met her ;) in this forum.  But, their meeting was good; a little emotional but healthy for them both i.e. tears. i stood behind uncomfortable waiting for some attention to get on with the so hyped moment of greetings :) It occured at that moment, which was a long pending thing for Catherine, she had to go to the rest room; which she declared loud and clear.  She made her way away; leaving her mom and me in front of each other.  A hug was the so hyped meeting; touching it was!
  Where was Catherine?  not a word, not a sign, not a presentation, not even a look!  Well, that is it.  I have met the Michels :)
  i want Catherine to read what i have written so i will stop here :)


C. E. Michel said...

To you readers out there, please note that Martanda is a fictional writer.


m.rta.da said...

uhum (clearing throat)