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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

House husband

  Sunday's work at the the Farm went down the drain; an old worker of his showed up and was hired.
  My fantastic first week dream run  has come to a halt.  There is plenty of work all over but it comes down to the same thing, do you have a social security no. which means they do a background check to see if all records are good; but i am not in the records :)
  I find myself at home.  Very productive i am at here; gardening, planted 4 shrubs, mulched and learnt to lay a black sheet to keep weeds away, cleaned the indoor parking area downstairs - little odd jobs here.  As i am not the one going out to work, it has been me cooking and taking care of the hard workers :) (most of the time she does the cooking ;)
  She has had a boil on her left forearm which i had to coach into healing it :)
  Catherine discovered that on Craigslist that there is another section which offers jobs called gigs; less formal, a few days work, etc. so i spent the whole day, well the most of it, clicking and writing to the interesting gigs (jobs) - i must have written atleast 41 emails. phew.  I dont want to become a geek.  
  Great to have no power cuts and fantastic coverage.  Luckily Catherine leaves her Mac behind.  
  Does that make me a househusband? :)

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