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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Departure to the New world

  Well, where do i start?
  Days before we leave, rains grace us and the fauna.  No complaints.
  We managed to clear up the house for our house sitters, before we leave.  We did not have the courage or the time to mop the floor, indian style; swipe a soaking clothe with bent over with side to side movents :) would have been nice though.
  But, the day before, sorting out our last minute arrangements, it rained nice and hard.  The muddy roads become slippery.  Our old keet (coconut leaf) roof was leaking like anything.
  Wait, i have to explain you something before you get the picture when we returned home at 21h30 from Vici and Soury's.  We have 2 rabbits that have grown and are growing well and their space in the kitchen has become to small.  We shifted them up on the balcony where the roof leaks.  We blocked the outlet pipes with something so the rabbits would not go flying..
  Our way home was slow and wet :)  We laughed what if we would run out of fuel on our way?  3/4 the    way, our bike stops.  Dark, with dots of light every now and then, flowing water on the path and branches everywhere.  Thanks Vici for the umbrella, it helped keep the computer dry.
  Its just the timing, our departures is in a few hours.  We have to finalise our packing and get some rest.
  Guess what?  When i opened the door to our house; never seen before, a waterfall down the stairs!  The room downstairs full of water, upstairs full of water - water everywhere!  Slight panic as the suitcases were on the floor.  Moved them of course.  But still, it did not occur to me as yet why this is happening.
  Upstairs, i was shocked to see so much water.  How? i looked out and realised the pipes were blocked.  Bad timing.  Catherine with a dustpan empties a part upstairs.  The water fall slowly disappears and the house dries eventually.  A full clean house.  Done.  Relief and wonder at how things work on the land or can i say our lives.
  Mani wanted rabbits but we thought it was too much work.  Ta da!  They show up the next day.  We wanted pigeons. ta da! Weeks later, a pigeon house was made and their residents happily installed.  We  wanted the house to be cleaned.   Our inability to clean the floor, even though we thought that would be great.  It is good to do it often.  Dusty it can be :)  Ta da! Water had to flow into the house making us clean the floor properly ;)
  Next part coming soon, i am jet lagged and happily installed on a sofa with a huge TV in front of me at the Michels..:)



...good to hear this..hope to see you sometime in auroville dude....!!
enjoy and explore.
we are having a great experiment in human unity here, would love to have you join us sometime...i know the world out there is waiting for you, explore, experience, enjoy and enrichen yourselves...



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