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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anastasia connection ;)

  A few emails, a phone call and a few days later i am riding on the road 45mins away to a ladies place to help dig, move around, plant and talk..
  I say talk.  Taking a detour, as the road was blocked, made me a little nervous as i want to be on time the first time atleast.  Its all about giving a good impression; which demonstrates that i am serious ;)  If i look back at the day, i wouldn't have stressed myself :)
  "You never know what person is going to come to work," she said.
  From the very start, she made me feel comfortable and am sure she was relaxed to see me.   She had the idea to go on craiglist by her daughter.  She says she can be psychic and knew that i would be good for the job.  Seeing and talking to me briefly confirmed that ;)
  A house, a big lawn, a garden around the house, a barn turned work space for healing and a vegetable space further, is the landscape of that days of work.
  One thing which makes it friendlier is that they say that people in the new england area are conservative.  So walking their healing space where she explained her style; of course we had to talk of EFT, Theta healing and others.. :)
  (i gotta go drop Catherine at the train station so will finish eventually :) linking the anastasia connection.)

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